Safety Data Sheets—Product Inserts (PI)

ANATECH, LTD. is committed to providing the most current safety and health data available for all products. If you have any questions or concerns about the safe use of a product, please contact us at Product Inserts contain recommendations for use.

Product list–click Product/Cat for SDS; [PI] to access Product Insert



Alcoholic Z-Fix Conc/Cat 161  [PI]

Hematoxylin Dye Powder/Cat 805 Alcian Blue pH 2.5 Stain/Cat 867   [PI]
CB Formalin/Cat 111 [PI] Harris Hematoxylin/Cat 842   [PI] Alcian Blue Dye Powder/Cat 862   [PI]
CBA Formalin/Cat 121  [PI] Hematoxylin-Normal/Cat 812  [PI] Amyloid Red Stain/Cat 868   [PI]
NBF/Cat 135 Hematoxylin-Extra/Cat 822  [PI] Amyloid Red Dye/Cat 863  [PI]
Prefer Concentrate/Cat 411  [PI] PROCESSING REAGENTS Brazilin Dye Powder/Cat 860  [PI]
Prefer/Cat 410-415  [PI] Pro-Soft Dehydrant/Cat 310-315  [PI] Brazilliant Stain/Cat 861 [PI]
Z-Fix Concentrate/Cat 171  [PI] Pro-Par Clearant/Cat 510-515  [PI] EZ Carmine Dye Powder/Cat 872   [PI]
Z-Fix/Cat 170-175  [PI] ANCILLARIES EZ Mucicarmine Stain/Cat 871  [PI]
Z-5/Cat 182   [PI] 1% Periodic Acid/Cat 874 EZ Green/Cat 873   [PI]
RECYCLING 10% Acetic Acid/Cat 875 Hp Blue/Cat 870  [PI]
Re-Form Assay Kit/Cat  201  [PI] Bluing Reagent/Cat 851 Hp Yellow/Cat 869  [PI]
Re-Form NBF/Cat  235 Decolorizer/Cat 850
Formaldetox/Cat 202   [PI] Refrax Mounting Media/Cat 711  [PI]